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Moscow Domodedovo Airport pays particular attention to aviation security measures aimed at protecting the life and health of passengers, customers and airport visitors and airport’s enterprises. Preventing trafficking in arms, explosives and other dangerous objects is yet another task carried out by Aviation Security.

The Aviation Security has a Certificate of Conformity and licence from the Federal Transport Supervision Service of the Russian Federation Department of Transportation for provision of aviation security.

The activities of Domodedovo Security are the following:

  • provision of aviation security in the airport’s enterprises;
  • inspection of aircraft, passengers, flight crews, service personnel, baggage and hand baggage;
  • inspection of cargo, mail and on-board resources;
  • provision of access control and security at the object;

Employees of the Aviation Security undergo training in specialised training centres of the Russian Federation and abroad. The Aviation Training Centre, which has a licence from the Department of Education of Moscow Region and a Certificate of Conformity from the Federal Transport Supervision Service of the Russian Federation Department of Transportation, was created in 2003 on the basis of the Aviation Security enterprise.

Operative security management of the airport’s enterprises and the perimeter of the airport control zone is carried out through a centralised control centre.

Profiling methods are widely used in conducting inspection procedures. The terminal building is patrolled by employees of the dog service with dogs specially trained to detect explosives.

Dog service employees are also involved in inspecting schools and other educational institutions in order to identify the presence of explosives within anti-terrorist training; examining suspicious objects and vehicles, when receiving anonymous warnings of anticipated terrorist attacks.

Airport halls, production areas and checkpoints are monitored by 24-hour video surveillance systems. Safety zones are arranged at the airport landside or close to other airport facilities.

In order to ensure effective screening, the Aviation Security uses modern technical equipment, including gas analysers, a millimeter wave scanning system and stationary and portable equipment to identify explosives.

A new generation SafeScout 100 scanner, which allows the organisation of an advanced passenger screening procedure as quickly and efficiently as possible, was implemented for the first time in Russia in the general security system at Domodedovo Airport. This technology can detect objects made of metal, wood, ceramics, plastics and other materials hidden on the human body. The device emits active millimeter waves, which are reflected from human skin at extremely low power levels without penetrating it and are absolutely harmless. Use of the scanner accelerates the passenger screening procedure: each scan takes about 2 seconds. The entire verification process, including analysis of the received data, takes about 10 seconds.

The airport uses an automatic baggage sorting system with an integrated multi-level automated clearance system, which automatically allows identification of objects and substances prohibited for carriage on civil aircraft. The system provides for baggage inspection in several consecutive stages, using different equipment with minimal human intervention. A four-level inspection system is currently in operation.

Each aircraft is under constant video monitoring while parked on the airport apron. Obligatory pre-flight inspection of the cabin and technical (baggage) compartments is carried out before passenger boarding.

The entire volume of cargo and mail is inspected by means of X-ray television introscopes with the function of identifying organic and inorganic compounds, as well as stationary gas analysers and sniffer dogs.

A 100% inspection of onboard supplies (catering, catering equipment and duty-free goods): video monitoring at the packaging stage in in-flight catering units, visual control of loading of onboard supplies in containers and loading in lift trucks for on board shipping.

Entry of vehicles to the airport control zone is carried out after the identification of the driver's pass and vehicle permit with electronic access control systems. The vehicle, drivers and passengers on vehicles are also subject to obligatory inspection.

Checkpoints are equipped with forced stopping devices for wheeled transport, thus excluding the possibility of unauthorised entry of vehicles into the airport control zone.

The perimeter of the airport control zone is equipped with modern security equipment, including a perimeter security alarm system, security lighting and video cameras on the ATC tower.


Reconstruction plans for the airport control zone perimeter include the creation of a so-called “Smart Fence” equipped with motion detectors, vibration pickups, anti-digging detectors and an infrared remote early warning system.

Implementation of automation and specialised information systems is planned to enhance aviation security, including:

  • establishment of a crisis centre for management and co-ordination of airport services in emergency situations;
  • implementation of automated security systems in order to reduce the influence of human factors and improve the quality of services provided;
  •  implementation of technical aircraft protection systems;
  • purchase of automated inspection systems for carry-on baggage with two levels of screening.

Domodedovo Security,

Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovsky District, Moscow Region, 142015

Tel. +7 (495) 795-38-20
Commercial Services: +7 (495) 795-38-23

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