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Domodedovo Fuel Services is the largest aircraft fuel operator in Russia and the CIS. The main task of the fuel service is to ensure uninterrupted and safe fuelling of aircraft with certified aviation fuels, taking into account the requirements of international standards.

Types of services provided:

  • organisation of supply, receipt, storage and preparation of aviation fuels and special liquids;
  •  fuelling aircraft with jet fuel and jet oil;
  • receipt, storage, preparation and filling of ground vehicles with auto fuels;
  • quality control of aviation fuels, automotive fuels and special fluids.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is one of the few in Russia to have a centralised fuel system allowing fully automated supply of aviation fuel to aircraft. The capacity of the centralised fuelling system is is 900 cu. m per hour. Every day 250-350 aircraft are refueled.

In addition, Domodedovo Fuel Services has the following facilities:

  • two storage tanks for receipt, storage and preparation of jet fuel before delivery for aircraft fuelling (receiving warehouse and active storage). Capacity of the receiving warehouse is 15,000 cu. m, and active storage capacity is about 34,000 cu. m;
  • discharge jetty for receiving fuel delivered by rail, which provides simultaneous service of up to 22 tanks;
  • high-tech laboratory providing a full range of the necessary tests of jet fuel, special fluids and automotive fuels along the entire processing chain, including entrance, receipt, storage and airfield types of control. The laboratory has a set of special devices which have no counterparts in airport laboratories in Russia and the CIS countries;
  • pumping station to maintain constant pressure in the centralised fuel system. Filtration and water separation equipment installed in the pumping station allows high frequency of fuelling in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) standards;
  • modern fleet of fuelling equipment, which includes high-performance mobile fuelling units manufactured in Western Europe (some of which are equipped with lifting platforms), foreign-made fuel tankers with a capacity from 10 to 60 cu. m for fuelling all types of domestic and foreign aircraft, as well as unique low-profile fuel tankers with a capacity of 18 cu. m for wing fuelling of medium-haul Airbus 319 and Airbus 320 aircraft without any additional devices;
  • computerised tanker filling stations;
  • station for storing de-icing fluid, chemical water treatment and de-icer filling.

The advantage of Domodedovo Fuel Services is the use of two methods of fuel delivery to the airport, i.e., pipelines and railway.

For aircraft fuelling, TS-1 and RT Russian jet fuel are used for aircraft equipped with turboprop and turbojet engines, including Pratt & Whitney and General Electric.

The range of services also includes purchase and storage of a new generation of type 1 (Octafloeg) and 4 (MaxFlight) de-icing fluids. Thus, the fuel supply system of Domodedovo Airport is the most advanced in Russia and the CIS, both with respect to the composition of equipment, and applied technologies.

Domodedovo Fuel Services is developing dynamically: mobile fuel facilities are regularly renewed and modernised, the centralised fuelling system is being expanded. The fleet of fuel tankers and fuelling units, as well as modern tanker filling stations and fuel filtration stations is being replenished.

The enterprise is a member of the Aviation Fuel Committee of the Airport Association of Civil Aviation. Domodedovo Fuel Services employs over 450 people. On a regular basis the staff continues professional education , takes accident prevention courses and industrial safety courses.

  • installation and starting operation of 4 modern tanker filling stations each with a capacity of 150 cu. m per hour;
  • construction of an additional pump house for new filling stations;
  • construction of a new fuel line with a total length of more than 10 km to replace the operating one;
  • installation of additional equipment for aircraft parking stands with a centralised fuelling system under the programme for reconstruction of the airfield apron;
  •  replenishing the fuelling equipment fleet;
  • implementation of automated fuel registration systems in order to optimise funding calculations for aviation fuels. The system will improve the accuracy of measurement of delivered and stored fuel volumes and increase information processing;
  • it will also increase the industrial safety level during operation of the airport’s fuelling units.

Domodedovo Fuel Services, Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovsky district, Moscow region, Russia, 142015

Tel.: +7 (495) 795-35-53

E-Mail: send mail

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