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Domodedovo Passenger Terminal has been established for the purpose of effective use and modernisation of the passenger terminal of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Types of services provided:

  • operation of retail space and buildings, structures, engineering systems and communications of the passenger terminal;
  • leasing of facilities in the airport building and business aviation complex;
  • leasing of advertising media in the airport building and adjacent territory, including the federal highway.

The high quality of airport services is confirmed by international certificates. The terminal has been awarded category "C" in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) classification. Domodedovo Passenger Terminal is the first in Russia to receive the ISO 9001:2000 international Quality Management System Certificate of the International Organization for Standardization, which indicates a high degree of management organisation in the company, professional competence of employees and the existence of clearly established procedures for monitoring performed work.

A 24-hour Internet centre operates in the passenger terminal, and Internet access is provided via wireless technology (Wi-Fi). The network consists of 60 access points and covers the whole airport area.

A DVD cinema equipped with three-seat mini-booths with widescreen TV sets, DVD players, headphones and comfortable seats operates in the holding area.

Airport passengers have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and spend time pleasantly while waiting for a flight by visiting a unique exhibition Domodedovo Art Gallery the first project of its kind implemented in a Russian airport. The gallery collaborates with leading photographers and photo magazines in Russia, and exhibits are updated every month.

Domodedovo Airport is the leader in the Moscow Aviation Hub in servicing the tourist segment of the aviation market. A tourist area equipped with 36 desks has been organised at Domodedovo Airport to improve the quality of passenger service on scheduled and charter flights and to create favourable conditions for tour operators.

Archangel Michael Orthodox Chapel is Russia's first chapel opened at the airport, and the Safar Mosque, which means "Journey" in Arabic, operate for believers on the second floor of the terminal.

Dozens of cafes and restaurants combining a wide range of dishes and conceptual originality of the interiors offer their services. The concessionaires include leading companies of this industry, which received the right to operate in the passenger terminal according to the results of a strict competition. This airport policy is designed to provide high-quality customer service.

There are ATMs, currency exchange offices, banks, a depository, post office, first aid station, a pharmacy, public telephones for local, long-distance and international communication and booking offices for the sale of air and rail tickets in the airport.

Winter clothing storage is provided for passengers flying to countries with a milder climate.

First and business classes passengers can make use of the airports business lounges located in the galleries of domestic and international airlines. Business lounges are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable wait for a flight: office appliances, including computers with Internet access, modern television equipment for watching satellite and terrestrial television. Customers are offered a wide range of periodicals. A varied menu offers snacks, desserts, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages.

In addition, the business lounges of British Airways, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Transaero, S7 Airlines, as well as the UTG Travel Club (for passengers of UTair, Kogalymavia, Air Volga and Belavia), offer their services.

Passengers can also use the services of the VIP Lounge and the Official Delegations Lounge, serving VIP passengers, governmental and parliamentary delegations, respectively, including those from foreign countries, and diplomatic organisations. At the customers service there are a bar, restaurant, currency exchange office, smoking area and showers, an Internet access point, as well as telephones for long-distance and international calls. Conference rooms are also available.

A Duty Free area can be found in the international sector which hosts a number of shops offering its visitors a large assortment of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, souvenirs and elite brands of cigars, perfumes, cosmetics and confectionery. Passengers can buy the worlds best brands of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery in specialised boutiques.

A round-the-clock nursery operates at the airport for mothers and children under 8 (for children with disabilities - up to 14 year olds) and is equipped with everything young passengers need for a comfortable stay. The room also has a Children's Centre, where children are not only under the supervision of experienced child care workers, but can also participate in contests, quizzes and action games arranged by animators. Services of the room for mothers with children are provided for the airport passengers free of charge.

In addition, Domodedovo Airport provides special services for children's groups departing and arriving at the airport on international and domestic flights.

At the airport particular attention is paid to servicing people with physical disabilities. A special service has been created for this category of passengers, which provides support services for passengers during their stay at the airport. The use of special equipment (lifts in the terminal, mobile ambulifts) allows comfortable transportation of this category of passengers in the terminal as well as their boarding.

Domodedovo Passenger Terminal is served by the most advanced transport infrastructure in the Moscow Aviation Hub. The airport is connected with the capital by a highway, which allows you to get to the airport by private cars and public transport (fixed-route taxi, express bus). The airport has a network of automated paid parking places designed for 6000 cars.

Parking rates at Domodedovo Airport are in line with average market rates and vary depending on the distance from the terminal building.

The airport is connected with the capital by a railway. The comfortable high-speed Aeroexpress train delivers passengers from the airport to the centre of Moscow. The route from the airport to Paveletsky Station takes 40 minutes. The terminal at Paveletsky Station is equipped with check-in desks and airline ticket booking offices.

Thus, passengers have the opportunity to buy tickets for all directions, to check in for a flight.

In addition, inter-modal programmes are being implemented in co-operation with partner airlines to minimize travel time from the centre of Moscow to another city.

The programmes offer:

  • advanced passenger service and baggage handling technology;
  • optimal alignment of flights with the railway schedule;
  • free check-in at Paveletsky Station; free of charge travel on the Aeroexpress high-speed electric train.

To ensure passengers comfort and safety, a taxi service is provided by official carriers of Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Passengers can find a fixed-rate taxi at special desks situated in the arrival areas of domestic and international airlines.

In 2004, a large-scale programme was launched to expand the area and increase airport capacity. After its completion at the end of 2009, the terminal area was expanded from 70,000 to 135,000 sq. m, and the number of check-in desks increased from 64 to 132.

Domodedovo Passenger Terminal was the first in Russia to offer airlines transfer services based on ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommendations. Handling of international and domestic flights at Domodedovo Airport within a single terminal ensures efficient transfer connections.

Domodedovo Airport was the first airport of Moscow Aviation Hub to use boarding bridges when handling international and domestic flights. At present, the airport has 24 boarding bridges for handling high-capacity aircraft (oeing 747, oeing 767, oeing 777, Airbus 330, Airbus 340, etc).

A BMS (Building Management System) automatically controls nearly 30,000 points within Domodedovo Passenger Terminal (after reconstruction of the passenger terminal, the number of points will be increased to 60,000). The main function of the BMS is monitoring and managing of terminals utility systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning; lightning of the terminal, apron, parking stands, landside and baggage transport system, lifts and escalators), and monitoring passengers movements within the terminal. Furthermore, use of the BMS maximises energy savings.

As part of a programme on development of passenger information service, an automated announcement system has been implemented at Domodedovo Airport. As a unique development resulting from the co-operation of Russian and foreign companies, the system employs special software to produce voice messages using the prerecorded voice of a professional announcer about check-in and changes of flight status. The system is unique due to multi-thread broadcasting (simultaneous delivery of up to 16 announcements to different areas of the terminal) and increased reliability. Announcements are currently delivered in Russian, English, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Kyrgyz, German, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Uzbek, Ukrainian, French, Hindi, Japanese and other international languages spoken in the countries departure and destination. The system allows broadcasting in an unlimited number of languages.

The next stage of the programmes implementation was the introduction of an automated telephone reference service, which is an auto-informer that supplies information on a 24/7 basis on the most important and frequent passenger and customer queries in Russian and English.

To improve the service quality at Domodedovo Airport, a new technology on passengers feedback was implemented that consists of electronic desks to help the airports customers make their remarks, comments and suggestions concerning available airports services. The desks are located in the public area of the terminal and in the departure gallery of international airlines.

Staff training at Domodedovo Passenger Terminal is carried out by the Aviation Training Centre (ATC), which has the relevant certificate of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The ATC is developing and implementing automated teaching systems, new techniques and advanced experience of foreign carriers in the teaching process.


  • modernisation and development of the passenger terminal by increasing the international sectors capacity. The international sector finder is currently being fully reconstructed, which will increase the sectors capacity to 2000 - 2500 passengers per hour;
  • finishing construction of a multi-purpose entertainment and business centre Domodedova Plaza and opening two new VIP lounges, each with a capacity of 500 passengers per hour;
  • construction of a new segment of the passenger terminal with a capacity of 2000 passengers per hour. A special feature of the second segment is that it will be integrated with the existing terminal. This will help to improve service quality and efficiency of service, and provide the necessary conditions for increasing transfer passenger flow.
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