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Cargo Terminal Domodedovo Cargo is one of Russia's largest international air cargo complex. The company’s total warehouse area is 13 440 sq. m. The terminal’s capacity allows handling of up to 600 tonnes of cargo per day, which is 10 times more than the average capacity of cargo terminals of the majority of Russia’s airports.

Domodedovo Cargo operates day and night, providing a full range of services for handling all types of cargo, including hazardous ones. The cargo terminal provides customs clearance of goods (including electronic declaration) and their delivery, on the customer’s request, to any point within Moscow Region, and ensures the transfer of goods passing through Domodedovo to other Russian and foreign airports.

To meet customers’ needs, there are agencies in the immediate vicinity of the airport cargo terminal to provide freight forwarding and brokerage services, as well as the offices of airline agents that sell freighting.

The terminal is equipped with modern facilities for cargo ground handling, including electric loaders, lines for container and pallet handling, lifting and picking tables, shelf units and weighing equipment. Dispatched cargo is received by using a system of dynamic measurement of a cargo’s size and weight. Cargo Terminal

The cargo terminal has specialised areas for storing explosives and valuables, radioactive and perishable cargos. For handling, storage and transportation of fissile and radioactive materials modern specialised equipment is used such as a spectrometric system, gamma-ray spectrometer, radiometer-spectrometer, etc. Registration and maintenance of dangerous cargos at the terminal is performed in accordance with the recommendations of the International Air Transport Association by trained specialists with category 6 IATA certificates and certificates of training centres of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

To provide increased safety measures when transporting valuable goods, a special handling technology is applied, key elements of which are:

  • packing the cargo for flight and loading it on board last;
  • priority for unloading cargo from the aircraft; transportation of cargo to/from the aircraft by special transport, accompanied by the Aviation Security unit;
  • cargo storage only in a special fortified storage room equipped with video surveillance, alarm and fire suppression systems, and temperature and humidity control;
  • possibility of the customer’s visual monitoring of cargo handling.

Maintaining temperature conditions during handling and storage of perishable cargos is one of the company’s fundamental principles. Terminal warehouses are equipped with special cooling and freezing rooms for storing cargos of this type.

Domodedovo Cargo has large-tonnage loaders for handling heavy cargos, and uses specially equipped sites for storing oversize cargos.

A video surveillance system is installed at the cargo terminal to control operations and store this information for future use.

At Domodedovo Cargo, there is a help desk located in the cargo terminal building that provides customers with information on terminal services, the flight schedule of Domodedovo Airport and the status of dispatched or received cargo. The information service also includes a specialised Internet portal page ( This resource allows customers to remotely register particular types of documents, automatically calculate tariffs and monitor cargo status.

  • construction of new warehouses with a total area of 12,000 sq.m. expandable to 16,000 sq.m;
  •  implementation of RFID of objects during cargo handling;
  • increased handling of palletised cargo; creation of new transport and logistics chains for cargo dispatch;
  • development of in-house freighting sales network;
  • development of the company’s information systems to optimise the utilisation of resources;
  • development of interactive services for airlines, cargo agents, dispatchers/receivers to allow remote registration of traffic documents, monitor cargo handling and order services.

Domodedovo Cargo,

Domodedovo Airport, building 7,
Domodedovsky region,
Moscow area,
142015, Russia.

E-mail: send mail

  • cargo dispatch - +7 (495) 795-3506;
  • cargo arrivals - +7 (495) 967-8723;
  • orders - +7 (495) 787-8639

  • Customer services: tel.+7 (495) 967-84-85, fax. +7 (495) 795-35-22
    E-mail: send mail

    Cargo deliveries
    Enquiries: +7 (495) 363-3073M
    Moscow In-town Warehouse: +7 (495) 952-9410

    Commercial Services:
    Sales: +7 (495) 363-3071, +7 (495) 363-3072
    Account settlement: +7 (495) 795-3536, +7 (495) 967-8964

    Cargo handling services: +7 (495) 787-86-29, + 7 (495) 795-3514
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