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The airport business is one of the most technologically advanced businesses in the transport sector, which is the basis for high-level requirements to staff training.

One of the most important factors of the competitiveness of Moscow Domodedovo Airport is a sound approach to human capital formation, i.e. the creation of high-quality labor force characteristics and the system of management of investments in training and skills development.

The aim of the personnel policy is the creation of a unified professional team of staff, which has the necessary capacity to implement strategic goals, as well as preservation of accumulated intellectual capital. The scope and capabilities of the company create an environment for career growth, not limited to a single enterprise.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has more than 13,000 employees in 1478 fields. Three quarters of the staff have higher and secondary special education, which indicates the successful selection and attracting highly qualified professionals to address the challenges facing the company. Over 60% of employees are in the age of 40, i.e. the age, characterized by the most effective level of labor productivity.

The company has developed and implemented a comprehensive system of staff training and development, which provides the following:

  • Training associated with the assignment of professional admission (in accordance with the requirements to a number of posts)
  • Training under the conditions of changing business processes and legal environment
  • Training of the skill pool (rotation in the horizontal and vertical directions, i.e. preparation of internal pool of highly qualified personnel)
  • Current skills development of the staff
  • Targeted training of young professionals, students of universities and secondary specialized educational institutions accepted under the Inflow program.

We are interested in talented and motivated professionals, who could become part of our team and take part in the development of the company.

We are interested in cooperation with professionals who have successful professional experience, leadership potential, high motivation for work, professional and career growth.

If the duties of any profession seem interesting to you, and your education and professional experience meet the above requirements, please:

  • Fill in the online Job Form
  • Send your CV to
  • Send your CV by fax: +7 (495) 641-30-85 , 641-30-86

We will take a look at your personal data and will contact you, if the respective vacancy is available at enterprises of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

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